Savor the Flavor.


Taste the intense garlicky butter goodness of Black Garlic Ghee!


A Better Butter meets A Better Garlic. Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds in one jar.

What is black garlic?  Our friends at Obis One grow organic white garlic bulbs  and “ferment” them in a humidity-controlled climate.  Results: a black bulb that beholds twice the antioxidants + it doesn’t make your breath smell! Thank God for that! The texture compares to a slightly chewy dried fruit (like a fig) and taste somewhat sweet yet smokey and is way less pungent than regular garlic.

Black Garlic Ghee is very easy to use.  We think it tastes fabulous on pasta, potatoes of any kind, pizza crusts, veggies, grilled meat and poultry, sea food and of course makes the best garlic bread in the whole world.  Also a great sandwich spread where a touch of garlic enhances your work of art.

Enjoy it in abundance… and with a fresh breath!


To protect your ghee on its journey in the summer heat, we need to pre-chill & insulate or add a freezer pack to keep it from melting. For the months of May-September our shipping costs have increased. We will ship on Monday & Tuesdays until September 30.
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Savor the Flavor with these mouthwatering uses:

  • Top off a grilled steak
  • Slather over grilled salmon or tuna
  • Top steamed asparagus, green beans & peas
  • Use as a sandwich spread
  • Best grilled cheese & tomato sandwich
  • Toss with pasta & add parm, salt & pepper
  • Add to baked or steamed potatoes
  • Brush over a pizza crust
  • Scramble your eggs, omelets
  • Awesome garlic bread – add herbs  & cheese