Ghee Tips


Before beginning any recipe, consider ghee and how it can enhance your recipe to make it healthier for you, your family or guests.

Never double dip a spoon – a small drop of moisture will mold it quickly.  Use a clean utensil each time you enter the jar to ensure a long shelf life.

When storing your ghee please make sure the lid is tightly closed.  Stored in a dark cupboard, your ghee will hold its own for at least six months and in the fridge it will keep a minimum of one year – but we doubt you’ll have it around that long.

Always melt your ghee first – then add spices or mix with your other ingredients – unless your recipe calls for cold butter.

It is always healthier to sauté your spices, seeds first, then your ground spices.  The aromatics and healthy properties of the seeds and spices are released at this point.

If you are overweight or have health issues PLEASE consult your physician, natural or homeopathic consultant to make sure it’s okay to consume small amounts of ghee.


Dozens of Mouth-Watering Uses for Simply Ghee

1.     Mix Simply Ghee with fresh lemon zest, minced garlic and dill – bake or broil your favorite fish.

2.     Steam your favorite veggies, toss with warmed Simply Ghee & lemon zest – brings out the “zip’ in your veggies. Add ANY spice or herb to your recipe – just remember to sauté your seed spices first to release the aromatic properties, and then add ground spices, onions, garlic, etc. You can also sauté your veggies in a Tsp (per person) of Simply Ghee till they are softened to your liking.  Add a very small amount along with unrefined salt and freshly ground pepper right before serving.

3.     Roast veggies tossed in Simply Ghee along with herbs and/or garlic at 425 – 450F.  Ghee has a high smoking point and will not burn. Toss veggies frequently to evenly roast.

4.     Toss hot drained pasta with a Tsp of Simply Ghee instead of olive oil. Add unrefined salt, freshly ground pepper, your choice of favorite fresh herbs and grated Parmesan cheese.

5.     Combine Simply Ghee with BBQ mesquite spice & honey to make a simple BBQ glaze for chicken. Eliminate the honey, add freshly minced garlic to the BBQ mesquite and rub all over salmon – bake or broil!

6.     Rub a NY Strip steak with Simply Ghee and tons of freshly cracked pepper and coarse salt – grill!

7.     Coat a ham with Simply Ghee and honey and roast as usual.

8.     Great on corn on the cob!

9.     Perfect companion for baked potatoes!  Add cinnamon and nutmeg to Simply Ghee for the sweet potato or yam.

10.   Sauté fresh asparagus spears in Simply Ghee, with sesame seeds, lemon juice and unrefined salt!

11.   Stir Simply Ghee into any bowl of soup or hot cereal right before serving.

12.   Grilled cheese using Simply Ghee – simply the BEST!

13.   Sauté pork or lamb chops in Simply Ghee with rosemary and thyme.  Add a touch of garlic.

14.   Melt Simply Ghee, add Old Bay Seasoning and dip your crab or lobster.

15.   Scramble eggs with Simply Ghee – nothing else!  You’ll eat no better buttery flavored eggs, ever!!!!

16.  Sauté onions, celery, carrot, peppers in Simply Ghee – for a beautiful, warm and fulfilling soup base and build your soup from there.

17.   Superb hot chocolate – warm 1 Tsp Simply Ghee along with your milk. Add cayenne, cinnamon and/or cardamom to taste.

18.   Pop your organic corn in 2 Tbs of melted Simply Ghee and toss the finished popcorn with more ghee and unrefined salt. Dynamite! Lemon pepper is an awesome addition.

19.  Coat raw nuts (soaked overnight& drained well) with Simply Ghee and toss with unrefined salt, cayenne powder, cumin and turmeric – to your taste. Roast in a 250F oven till golden in color.

20.   Pancakes, waffles, French toast – all perfect companions with Simply Ghee and raw honey (mix 2 parts ghee to 1 part raw honey)

21.   The perfect rice dish – cook according to your instructions and add 1 Tsp Simply Ghee per person at the end as you let your rice set for five minutes prior to serving. Stir the buttery goodness.

22.   Just great on crackers or toast – plain and simple!

23.   Add a Tsp of Simply Ghee to warm milk and drink before bed. Add cardamom or cinnamon to taste. Can also use coconut milk.

24.   Sauté finely chopped apples or pears in Simply Ghee – add a little vanilla and cinnamon – drizzle with maple syrup or raw honey right before serving alone or with ice cream/yogurt.