Black Garlic Uses

Savor the Flavor… Black Garlic Ghee!


BlackGarlic_7oz_web_wClovesDozens of Simple Ways to Incorporate Black Garlic Ghee into Your Daily Diet


1. For a simple pasta dish, toss hot, drained pasta with a generous amount of Black Garlic Ghee. Add freshly grated parmesan cheese, sea salt and cracked pepper. Also add fresh herbs of choice.
2. Mix Black Garlic Ghee with fresh lemon zest and dill – bake or broil your favorite fish.
3. Rub a NY Strip steak with Black Garlic Ghee and freshly cracked pepper and sea salt – grill!
4. Perfect companion for baked potatoes or add just before serving mash potatoes.
5. Steam your favorite veggies till al dente then toss with Black Garlic Ghee and a pinch of salt. Can also add a little lemon zest for extra zing.
6. Sauté leafy greens with a Tsp (per person) amount of ghee – great with spinach. Top with lemon zest & pinch of salt. Also good with a sprinkling of freshly grated parm.
7. Makes the best garlic bread in the whole world! Slather it on bread, top with roasted garlic and fresh grated parmesan – put under broiler for just a few minutes – keep a watchful eye on it!
8. Perfect for roasting veggies. Lightly coat veggies with Black Garlic Ghee and roast at 400F. Toss frequently to evenly roast. Before serving add another dollop of Black Garlic Ghee to coat. Salt and pepper to taste.
9. Combine Black Garlic Ghee with BBQ mesquite spice, pinch of salt and pepper, and brush on chicken breasts, thighs, etc. Bake at 375F till done.
10. Melt a couple Tbs of Black Garlic Ghee & dip lobster, shrimp, clams, and fingers – OMG!
11. Great on corn on the cob.
12. Sauté fresh asparagus spears in Black Garlic Ghee, with sesame seeds, lemon juice & sea salt.
13. Heat an iron skillet; toss sliced mushrooms into pan without any fat. They will release their moisture. Before serving add a generous Tsp (per person) to shrooms and serve. Yummy!
14. Stir a good Tsp into a bowl of soup right before saying “Grace”!
15. Brush generously all over a pizza crust – in place of olive oil.
16. Grilled cheese and tomato sandwich ROCKS with Black Garlic Ghee – simply the BEST!
17. Roast pork or lamb chops in Black Garlic Ghee with rosemary and thyme. Add a touch of honey.
18. Cheese omelet sautéed with Black Garlic Ghee – nothing else!
19. Sauté onions, celery, carrot, peppers in Black Garlic Ghee – for a beautiful, warm and fulfilling soup base and build your soup from there.
20. The perfect rice dish – cook according to your instructions and add 1 Tsp Black Garlic Ghee per person at the end as you let your rice rest for 5 minutes prior to serving. Stir the buttery goodness.
21. Melt a Tsp of Black Garlic Ghee, toss raw pumpkin or sunflower seeds and roast at 300 F slowly in the oven. Salt lightly if desired while roasting. Turn often.
22. Makes a great sandwich spread.
23. Just great on soft pretzels, crackers or sourdough bread – plain and simple!
24. Dare to melt it over popcorn with freshly grated parm.


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