Original Simply Ghee


A better butter that actually IS butter… Simply Ghee.


Need we say more?  Awaken your palate with the best kept secret of ghee.  Imagine everything you’d like to slather butter on – that hot piping baked potato steaming as it comes out of the oven or covering those warm popcorn kernels with the buttery taste of ghee.  No need to feel guilty about it.  It’s the healthier form of butter.

Want to make your veggies, rice and pasta pop with the glorious taste of ghee?  A healthier alternative for dipping chunks of lobster or clams?  Go ahead.  It’s actually good for you.

The world is your buttery oyster!




Savor the Flavor with these mouthwatering uses:

  • Mix with herbs, zest  for fish or seafood
  • Add to steamed veggies
  • Great on a baked potato
  • Makes a mean grilled cheese
  • Sauté spices & herbs, use as a base for poultry
  • Drop a teaspoon in your hot bowl of soup
  • Use as your oil to build a soup
  • Add to a bowl of steamed rice or pasta
  • Great on popcorn
  • Stir a teaspoon in coffee