Sriracha Ghee


We’re fired up over our newest flavor, Sriracha Ghee!


What is it?? It’s our ghee with a warm buttery heat that doesn’t cling to your mouth!

Be creative. Melt and dip your shrimp, mussels or clams in the ghee. Slather it on a grilled cheese and avocado sandwich. Makes one great hot potato, and is an awesome combo with pasta, soups and even eggs.

Warning: It’s Addictive! (even if you don’t like hot)


To protect your ghee on its journey in the summer heat, we need to pre-chill & insulate or add a freezer pack to keep it from melting. For the months of May-September our shipping costs have increased. We will ship on Monday & Tuesdays until September 30.
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Savor the Flavor with these mouthwatering uses:

  • Slather over grilled salmon
  • Serve with crab legs or shrimp
  • Finish rice, beans, pasta
  • Brush on corn on the cob
  • Spread on toast, add avocado
  • Great with any omelet
  • Sauté chard, add salt, and top with a teaspoon of ghee
  • Spread on chicken, add spices, then bake
  • Butter tortillas, then stuff