What is Ghee?

Simply defined, it is the purified essence of butter!

Through a gentle heating of the butter, the removal of lactose (sugars) and caseins (proteins) takes place leaving behind pure, golden oil called ghee, glorious ghee.

Many tout the benefits of ghee in a daily diet.

Here are just a few reasons why you might try ghee.

  1. Aroma of ghee is undeniably delicious! Who doesn’t like the smell of freshly baked croissants?
  2. A very high smoking point which means it doesn’t burn or smoke like other oils.
  3. Perfect “oil” to harmonize with herbs and spices and adds a richness to many dishes.
  4. Stores beautifully – in or out of the fridge.  Do store in a dark place and keep lid on tightly.
  5. Aids in digestion. Simply add one teaspoon of ghee to breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  6. Super for your skin – use as a facial moisturizer or as an eye cream at night.
  7. Want to “get to sleep”?  Rub a small dollop of ghee on your temples before retiring.
  8. If you’re lactose intolerant you can have ghee – the lactose has been removed but please do check with your doctor first.


Ghee, You’re HOW Old?

Butter has an interesting chronicle well over 4000 years old!  That’s 2000 years BEFORE Christ! If you want to read about the history of butter here is a great place to start. http://www.webexhibits.org/butter/index.html

And its noted that one of the greatest sages wrote down the “Vedas” five thousand years ago which included the branch, Ayurveda (Science of Life). This isIndia’s natural health system and ghee has become one of the oils for blending the healing herbs and spices.

As you can see ghee has been around for a long time! There’s gotta be good reason for it to stick around today!


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