A better butter is even better when blended with herbs and spices for the holidays.  We have all of them listed in our recipe section. My top 3 (not in any order) favorites are:

1. Saffron Ghee for potatoes and rice. Use it for skin care too–it’s great as an under eye moisturizer!

2. Lemon Zest & Dill Ghee makes vegetables pop with incredible flavor. Even those more unpopular veggies (sorry, brussel sprouts) come to life with this blend.

3. Honey Ghee tastes like caramel corn in a jar! Love it on pancakes, muffins and sweet potatoes. We are getting closer to getting our honey ghee produced and on the store shelves.

Hope you’ll get a chance to try them for yourself any time throughout the year. We would love to hear your feedback too!