There has been a lot of buzz about Bulletproof Coffee across the country but so far, we haven’t heard a lot about it in Lancaster County. But get ready, because it’s been a growing trend, especially among Cross Fit people and Paleo dieters and its supporters say the touted benefits are increased energy, stamina and even help some folks stay satiated so they can keep their hunger at bay.

Bulletproof Coffee was conceived by Dave Asprey, an entrepreneur who was inspired to create the drink after he claimed to have a significant increase in energy and no problems with altitude sickness after he consumed a cup of yak butter tea at 18,000 feet on a Tibetan mountainside. His recipe is combining black coffee with unsalted grass-fed butter and MCT oil in a blender for a frothy, latte-like drink.

Of course, this ghee gal is wondering why we haven’t heard of replacing the butter with organic, grass-fed ghee for an even healthier version? How about mixing it up with some our Honey Ghee to add a pinch of sweetness?

I’m here to tell you, I’ve tried it and it is delicious! Some reports say it’s best to have it in place of the usual breakfast. I’m going to drink it as my breakfast for a week and see how I feel. More to come later!

Ghee and Honey Ghee

Ghee from Lancaster County