Before beginning any recipe, consider ghee and how it can enhance your recipe to make it healthier for you, your family or guests.

Never double dip a spoon – a small drop of moisture will mold it quickly.  Use a clean utensil each time you enter the jar to ensure a long shelf life.

When storing your ghee please make sure the lid is tightly closed.  Stored in a dark cupboard, your ghee will hold its own for at least six months and in the fridge it will keep a minimum of one year – but we doubt you’ll have it around that long.

Always melt your ghee first – then add spices or mix with your other ingredients – unless your recipe calls for cold butter.

It is always healthier to sauté your spices, seeds first, then your ground spices.  The aromatics and healthy properties of the seeds and spices are released at this point.

If you are overweight or have health issues PLEASE consult your physician, natural or homeopathic consultant to make sure it’s okay to consume small amounts of ghee.